Thank you for participating in our survey. These are questions for a research project we are conducting to improve our broadcasting and increase audience. This survey has only 16 questions and should take you less than 5 minutes. There are no right or wrong answers. We are interested in how you feel. You may skip any question that you find intrusive or offensive, but it will help us if you respond to as many questions as you feel comfortable with. Please return this survey to 5EBI radio station by 31 August 2021.
1. What is your age?

2. What is you gender?

3. Do you identify yourself as a part of any cultural or ethnic group?

4. Were you born in Australia?

5. If you were not born in Australia, how many years have you been living in Australia?
6. Which is the primary language you speak at home?

7. In the past 7 days, roughly how many hours have you spent listening to ANY radio station (AM, FM, Digital or Internet radio)?

8. In the past 7 days, roughly how many hours have you spent listening to 5EBI programs (FM – 103.1MHz, DAB+, or Internet)?

9. When listening to 5EBI programs how often do you choose each form of radio?
Never Occasionally Sometimes Often Regularly Don’t know
FM – 103.1MHz
Internet Radio - “Live Stream”
Internet Radio - “On Demand”
Digital Radio
10. What times of the day (select all applicable) do you tend to listen to 5EBI radio programs?

11. Where, mostly, do you listen to 5EBI radio programs?

12. Which 5EBI language program do you listen most? (select all applicable)

13. How important to you are the following aspects of 5EBI broadcasting:
Not at all important Slightly Important Important Fairly Important Very Important No Opinion
Listening to programs presented in your native language.
5EBI involvement with the local multicultural community
Hearing shows that are dedicated to music from around the world
Hearing about international, national and local sports
Accessing your favourite programs “on demand” or via podcasts
Music choice
Quality of the presenters and program production.
Regular News service (if introduced)
Community current affairs.
LMorning (breakfast) Variety Show (if introduced).
Interviews with local community members.
14. How often do you connect with extra online radio content? (i.e., extra content on www.5ebi.com.au, on demand, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

15. Is there anything that is not already on 5EBI that you would like to hear?
16. We are your Multicultural Community Radio Station! Do you have any other feedback?
By participating in this survey, you are indicating that you understand that your responses are anonymous and will not be identified with you in any way. However, as a thank you for your time, we are offering an optional prize draw to win one of double passes to see movie in the cinema. All you need to do is agree to enter into a draw and fill in your details below.