Audits and Surveys

Audits and Surveys

keeping your objectives in focus

Aged Care providers (Residential and Community) are increasingly using surveys to assess objective and subjective data, and to review customer satisfaction as well as compliance with the Standards.

KB Facilitators provides assistance and useful tips on:

  • Designing and conducting surveys.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different types of surveys.
  • Designing questions for better readability.
  • Avoiding getting false or biased responses.
  • Managing, analysing, and reporting survey results.

Root Cause Analysis

stop dealing with symptoms - find the permanent fix

If you struggle with an unwanted situation, which consumes our resources but does not deliver desired outcomes, and tends to happen in a repeated fashion we can offer a solution with:

  • finding the real cause of the problem and address it so the situation does not occur again,
  • rather than simply continuing to deal with the symptoms.

We can provide a wide range of useful tools and deliver personal training to your staff to assist you with resolving your problems.

continual improvement

ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes