Business Improvements

Consulting, support, we can help

Business Improvements

lifeblood of the success of your company

Among the range of services we offer, one of the key is our Consulting Service which we manage working closely with our customers to help them with Business Improvement. This service has provided the way forward to help many clients set goals and objectives, implement and monitor strategies to improve their business performance, and continue to remain focussed on the important issues.


Residential Aged Care

Compliance with Standards

KB Facilitators has a vast experience helping Residential Aged Care Facilities achieving outstanding outcomes. We can provide assistance with preparation for accreditation visits, ensuring compliance with all expected outcomes and minimising risks of non-compliances.

We have experience assisting organisations with as many as 22 non-compliant expected outcomes (some with high risks) avoiding going into sanctions.

We can provide assistance creating a comprehensive self-assessment tool for the accreditation and internal quality documents for unannounced visits. We are offering a range of quality tools, internal audits, surveys and data evaluations for better preparation for the both planned and unannounced visits.


Community Care

Preferred and Competitive

KB Facilitators can provide support for Home Care Services, offering training, assistance with completing self-assessment tools and system audit evaluations for quality reviews.

We can also offer assistance to Home Care Services to adjust to changes to the aged care system. KB Facilitators specialise in delivering training and consultation on:

  • a Consumer Directed Care (CDC)
  • compliance with 18 expected outcomes
  • preparing for funding changes planned for February 2017, and proposed changes from July 2018

We understand that moving to a less regulated, more consumer-driven and market-based aged care system, will increase competition. Let us get you prepared for the upcoming changes, so you can become a preferred provider, offer a great customer service and be a leader in the field.