New year, new trainings

KB Facilitators looks at a new year as an opportunity to start fresh. As every year, we are extending our offer, proposing new sessions.

This year we are offering 7 new sessions:

  • Behaviour Management
  • Evaluation and Trend Analysis
  • Healthy Workplace
  • Infection Control
  • Leadership and supervision of other staff
  • Person Centred Care, and
  • Understanding Dementia

Your staff can take part in our innovative workshops which will not only give a valuable insight into the different aspects of care and service delivery, but also equip them with the most up to date information from recent research, experienced specialists, and our extensive industry experience.

We can also provide consultation and assistance with workplace audits, and help with improvement or implementation of new quality systems to achieve the best outcomes.

For further details please check the module descriptions specified on our website.

While we are big promoters of ‘in-person’ trainings as they provide employees with a better chance to clarify issues and ask additional questions, we understand the constraints of a busy workplace. It is due to this, that we are pleased to offer 3 new ‘on-line’ sessions launching in May 2017:

  • Cultural Awareness
  • LGBT, and
  • Key to Preventing Cancer

Participants will have opportunities to ask questions and queries via email, and will be provided with a participation certificate upon the completion of the module.

KB Facilitators are wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous 2017, and we look forward to booking in your trainings in the coming year!

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