Person Centred Care

From the moment of conception, we are all different. We all have our own thoughts, goals or dreams.

As we age or if we become sick or frail, are we no longer unique? It may be more difficult to express or exert our individuality under these circumstances especially if we perceive ourselves to be less valuable members of society.

This session will focus on ‘how’:

  • we can achieve and individualised health care services
  • to overcome our society’s tendency to de-value vulnerable people as we plan and implement care
  • to ensure that in the provision of care, that people are valued for the unique beings that they are
  • to deliver care and services in a way that is respectful of care recipients’ preferences and values, and responsive to their needs.
  • to ensure the person in care is the centre of attention and encouraged to set their own goals and make decisions which relate to their life.

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