Simplified Solutions

ACFI Calculators

improve and manage your funding

User friendly calculators can be designed to assist your staff with providing quick calculation and play around testing different configurations of funding. We can offer a generic tool or one designed just to your organisation.

Our calculators are simple, reliable, and easy to use also when you are just a beginner in the field.

ACFI Assessments

robust evidence

  • PAS – Psychogeriatric Assessment Scale
  • The Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia

Many staff members struggle with conducting the ACFI assessment. Some require additional training or explanation, particularly if it comes to correct use of the PAS and the Cornell Scale. This two assessment tools are central to the ACFI.

During a validation visit it is the organisation’s responsibility to convince the validators that what they have claimed is valid and accurate. KB Facilitators can provide individual and / or group trainings about both assessments, offering useful tips, helping staff to identify the real intend of the tools, and interpret appropriate reaction of resident’s response, and finally selecting the appropriate wording to save your claims.

Income planning

budget tools with confidence

Income planning for budget preparation can be a very daunting experience if you don’t have a proper tool to use. KB Facilitators offer a simplified solution to this problem. We can design a budget tool which will give you confidence you will end up with the most accurate figures in your budget preparation. The tools are customised to each user and can be modified according to changed circumstances.

Don’t stress about budget preparation, and let us provide simplified solution.

graphical presentation

fast and effective communication

Proper graphical presentation of data can speak more than a thousand words. We can assist you to set up a system which will draw your statistics into a graphical presentation as you enter your data. This way you can save lots of time and be able to:

  • illustrate the history and pattern of variation
  • present trends, cycles and deviations which may be spotted and investigated further, and
  • track and check improvements to determinate your success.

Credentialing tools

recent research and best practice principles

If you are contemplating to upskill your care staff to medication competent, KB Facilitators can offer a comprehensive range of credentialing tools based on the recent research and best practice principles.

Out tools are reliable and ensure a consistent method to confirm your staff is following safe practices while delivering care to your residents / clients.

Report/evaluation templates

monitor, evaluate, report and act

Reporting is part of the inform process. The purpose of Report and Evaluation templates is to assist health care providers with the monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements.

Our templates are designed to support the collection and reporting of data and information about your performance and present it in the most clear, adequate and precise way to ensure compliance with relevant standards.

Using our resources will help you contribute to building a better, stronger and more reliable quality system for your organisation.