Bogdan has spent over 35 years working with electronics and computers. As a toddler his favourite toys were a screwdriver, a hammer and a soldering iron. Today, very little has changed. Although he is managing projects and people, his hands-on experience and involvement plays a vital role in always finding the right solution for his customers.

At the aged of 15 he successfully managed, using individual components, to put together his first computer. The drive to develop new solutions is in his nature, and is complemented by being very observant and focussed on the bigger picture.

While he gained a theoretical knowledge from his formal education in electronics and software, the most valuable lessons he has learnt have been from working in different industries for over 25 years.

Making a start as a technician, Bogdan quickly progressed into a role as a Customer Support Engineer within the electronics industry. He was quickly recognised for his positive attitude and complete dedication to Customer Satisfaction, which moved him into various managerial positions.

This led to Bogdan being a key player in the development of Business Management Systems, which helped him fully understand all aspect of different ISO standards and business management.

Bogdan’s enthusiasm of being able to find the right solution for his clients, helped guide his career into business development with a focus on technical sales. This period of his professional development played a significant role in building his know-how and expertise in the commercial aspects of business.

With experience in both local and global business, Bogdan is more than equipped to successfully negotiate commercial or technical contracts in any setting. His confidence in communicating with commercial or engineering personnel means he is able to find the right solution at very competitive terms.

In late 2014, he returned to Australia from the USA where he was employed to manage and grow the business of one of the largest home appliance suppliers in the world. This experience has made him an expert on how to successfully manage global business with a very comprehensive understanding of market and cultural differences.

Today, via K B Facilitators, your business can benefit from Bogdan’s experience, passion and drive.

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