Kasha has spent nearly 20 years in the aged care industry, starting off as a personal care worker, progressing to an Enrolled Nurse and gaining managerial positions providing quality assurance and education within small and large organisations. Aged Care is an industry that she has respect for and enjoy the many challenges that it provides.

Kasha has a real passion for behaviour management and great achievements in developing Mental Health and Dementia Care projects. She holds a Bachelor of Health Science (major in Psychology and Adult Education) and a diploma in Nursing. As a qualified aged care auditor she specialises in conducting internal quality audits with an aim to promote best practice and enhance performance against the Accreditation Standards. She also has great analytical skills and she is experienced in implementing problem solving strategies.

Over the years she has worked with many providers focusing on improving quality assurance, and providing assistance in various aspects of projects and education including Pain Management, Palliative Care, and Nutrition/Hydration.

She is an experienced presenter with an aim to build a strong public awareness of common risks, promote active ageing, better dementia care and support ongoing wellbeing.

Recently while residing in the United States, she took the opportunity to visit a wide variety of health promotion organisations around the country, and established connections with prestige institutions like John Hopkins Hospital, gathering research data, so she can provide advice based on the most up-to-date information.

She is able to provide reliable and simplified solutions to many of your problems and offers useful tools from budget preparation spreadsheets, to risk management assessments, report/evaluation templates and credentialing papers.

Because of her passion for Aged Care, she would be happy to work with organisations to engage in improvements and assist them with meeting compliance and moving forward to better practice that result in better lives for residents.